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Date:      Wed, 16 Oct 2013 09:34:57 +0100
From:      krad <>
To:        Anton Sayetsky <>
Cc:        FreeBSD Questions <>
Subject:   Re: [zfs] root mountpoint
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legacy is better if you want boot environments, or multiple os
installations on the pool. Which gets mounted as root is controled by the
bootfs property of the pool. You can work it another way, by setting the
mountpoint as / and fiddling with the canmount property (solaris 11 uses
this in its boot envs)

Below is a test installation of a freebsd vm im playing with

[root@f10 /home/krad]# zfs list
rpool                   5.07G  25.0G    32K  /rpool
rpool/ROOT              4.00G  25.0G    31K  legacy
rpool/ROOT/2013101601      1K  27.0G   937M  legacy
rpool/ROOT/root          937M  26.0G   937M  legacy
rpool/system            1.07G  25.0G    31K  /rpool/system
rpool/system/home         39K  25.0G    39K  /home
rpool/system/obj        18.8M  25.0G  18.8M  /usr/obj
rpool/system/ports        31K  25.0G    31K  /usr/ports
rpool/system/src         870M  25.0G   870M  /usr/src
rpool/system/tmp          35K  25.0G    35K  /tmp
rpool/system/usr-local  97.7M  25.0G  97.7M  /usr/local
rpool/system/var         105M  25.0G   105M  /var

On 15 October 2013 12:31, Anton Sayetsky <> wrote:

> Hello,
> I decided to install FreeBSD on ZFS root. In almost all guides i saw
> the following recommendation:
> zpool create -o altroot=/mnt zroot /dev/${device}
> zfs create zroot/var
> zfs create ...
> ...
> zfs set mountpoint=legacy zroot
> zfs set mountpoint=/var zroot/var
> zfs set mountpount=...
> ...
> reboot
> So we're setting mountpoins for all first-level childs of zroot.
> Why just don't use the following simpler setup, when mountpoint set only
> once:
> zpool create -o altroot=/mnt zroot /dev${device}
> zfs set mountpoint=/ zroot
> zfs create zroot/var
> zfs create ...
> ...
> reboot
> I've tested both ways, the second also works perfectly but requires
> less commands to enter. Can anybody explain me why I can't see
> recommendations to set mountpoint=/ for zroot instead of
> mountpoint=legacy?
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