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Date:      Thu, 24 Oct 1996 11:52:03 -0700
From: (Don Coffin)
Subject:   installation of 4gig SCSI HD under 2.1.5
Message-ID:  <>

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I'm attempting to install a second SCSI hard drive to my system (a Dell
P133, 32megs).  The new drive is a Quantum L912.  All I want is a single
slice that consumes the entire drive.

I've been wrestling with this problem for awhile now.  I've stepped through
the procedure as laid-out in the FreeBSD FAQ
(, and when I go to install the new
filesystem on the drive (newfs /dev/rsd1s1) it craps out on me, complaining
about "newfs: /dev/rsd1s1: `1' partition is unavailable".

Mind you, I've tried everything I know to get something on partition one,
short of blood sacrifice.  And I'm a bit bummed that I haven't been able to
find a fixed version of "sysinstall" on the FreeBSD Web site (but maybe I'm
stupid?) Anyway, any pointers you could send my way would be swell.



Don Coffin                     
Operations Specialist/Unix Head
Intermind, Inc.             

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