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Date:      Thu, 5 Aug 2004 09:22:02 -0400
From:      "Christophe Boy" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   Combo mini-pci prism 2.5 + modem that works with -stable?
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I've seen your message on the web .


Did you find a mini-pci modem that works on bsd and soekris box ?


     Christophe Boy 
IT Management Specialist
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H3J1C6 Montreal Quebec Canada

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I've got a couple of machines (an IBM X30 and a soon to arrive Soekris
box) that each have one mini-pci slot.
I want to find a combo mini-pci card that has prism 2.5 wireless plus
a modem that works with -stable (either hardware or under the ltmdm
port). The card that came with my X30 has this modem;
  none2 at pci0 <>;
:31:6:        class=0x070300 card=0x051a1014 chip=0x24868086
                           rev=0x02 hdr=0x00
    vendor   = 'Intel Corporation'
    device   = '82801CA/CAM (ICH3-S/ICH3-M) AC'97 Modem Controller'
    class    = simple comms
which appears to have no BSD support.
I've heard rumours that older combo cards shipped with IBMs had ltmdm
compatable modems but attmepting to find one on ebay has failed (same
AC'97 Modem).
Anyone got something confirmed to work and could give me
manufacturer/part/model names/numbers ?