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Date:      Thu, 15 Apr 1999 22:04:25 -0700
From:      "Ulairi" <>
To:        "notme" <>
Cc:        "Questions" <>
Subject:   RE: adduser from shell script or C/Perl program.
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Yeah. Look at pwd.h file for C references (although I could be wrong on
do a "man useradd" for a shell-based way of doing it. Me, I'd do it in shell
(ksh is my shell of choice, although it should be simple enough)
I'd be more then glad to help you offline in private messages in writing a
script that does it - I've had to do something similar at work.

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| Subject: adduser from shell script or C/Perl progarm.
| Hi,
|     I am wondering if it is possible to add users using a shell script.
| I am currently
| setting up a FreeBSD file server with SAMBA in a local high school,
| which has
| around 1000 computer students (in various classes).  I figured that it
| would be a
| pain in the butt to manually add 1000 users and create 1000 dirs.  In
| addition, is
| there anyway to increase the 8-lower-case letter username limitation?
| My current FreeBSD system is 2.2.8 with Samba 1.9.18p10.

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