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Date:      Thu, 8 Feb 1996 19:09:12 -0500
From:      "Tim M. Kelley" <>
To:        "John Butler / Network Ops." <>,
Subject:   Re: ATAPI CDROM
Message-ID:  <>

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At 05:54 PM 2/7/96, John Butler / Network Ops. wrote:
>I am having difficulty with freebsd 2.1 and an ATAPI IDE cdrom drive.  The 
>CDROM drive is the second device on a regular on-board IDE controller.  We 
>have no problem running the floppy and actually seeing the cd mount as the 
>second device on wd0.  Once the install from the CD is done and we boot 
>from the hard drive --which is the first device on wd0 -- the cd is not 
>found.  After lots of investigation, we looked at the GENERIC source file 
>(usr/src/sys/i386/conf/GENERIC) and saw that the ATAPI option is commented 
>out.  Is there a way for us to compile the kernel with an uncommented-out 
>ATAPI line in GENERIC or is there a way to do it using the install utility 
>from the floppy?  We appreciate your support!  THANKS!

I submitted the following as a FAQ to the documentation team. It doesn't
appear to have made it yet into the FAQ on the web pages (or if indeed it
ever will). It does answer your question though.

Frequently Asked Question (Hardware Compatibility or Misc.)

How do I get FreeBSD to recognize my ATAPI CDROM after installation?

Read the directions under building a custom kernel. You will need to modify
the configuration file and build a custom kernel with these changes.

In the configuration, search for the lines:
#options    ATAPI    #Enable ATAPI support for IDE bus
#device     wcd0     #IDE CD-ROM

Change them so they read:
options    ATAPI    #Enable ATAPI support for IDE bus
device     wcd0     #IDE CD-ROM

If the CDROM is on the primary IDE channel, the above configuration should
work. If the CDROM is on the seconary IDE channel, change the device line to
device     wcd1     #IDE CD-ROM

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