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Date:      Fri, 18 Dec 2015 20:00:24 -0600
From:      Brandon J. Wandersee <>
Cc:        Georgi Manov <>,
Subject:   Re: Kernel compile error
Message-ID:  <86si2zurif.fsf@WorkBox.Home>
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> Try compiling GENERIC first. Then remove one or two options and
> recompile. Repeat until satisfied.

While I second the spirit behind this, there are some shortcuts you can
take. If you don't have a RAID controller on your machine, for example,
you can just delete the lines for all the RAID drivers. It's when you
get to more nebulous-yet-vital stuff like network and disk drivers that
you'll want to be more careful.

It's still not a bad idea to build the GENERIC kernel, then build your
custom, uniquely named kernel afterward. This way you at least have a
backup GENERIC kernel at the ready if something goes even more wrong
than expected. ;)

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