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Date:      Sun, 28 Feb 2021 13:25:49 -0500
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To:        "'Tim Daneliuk'" <>, "'FreeBSD Mailing List'" <>
Subject:   RE: Somewhat OT: Mail Relay Services
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>> So ... does anyone have experience or recommendations as to who would be
a good provider for a low volume, small business mail relay?

I faced this exact same problem last year with my personal server, as well
as two Plesk-based web hosts that I managed for a local web designer.

I investigated "SMTP Relay" services from MailJet and DuoCircle and
ultimately settled upon DuoCircle, for these reasons:
1) MailJet brands outgoing emails, which my client did not want.
2) MailJet requires server-side configuration for each domain, whereas
DuoCircle was once-and-done (configure SMTP relaying in postfix for the
entire server)
3) DuoCircle had a free tier (<1000 messages for month) which was perfect
for my personal account (and testing).
4) DuoCircle appeared to have the nicer web management console.  This is
very useful as it does outbound spam detection, and holds onto spam for a
short while so you can properly train it as ham.

Like anything to do with email, it's not entirely as simple as it sounds.
DuoCircle requires per-domain setup via their UI ("permitted senders"), plus
you need to set up SPF and DKIM keys for each domain.
This was a hard slog for 100+ domains but has been entirely worth the
initial effort and ongoing cost to avoid mail delivery complaints from
customers that are entirely beyond my control.


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