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Date:      Fri, 6 May 2011 03:47:35 -0700 (PDT)
From:      Bill Tillman <>
To:        Doug Hardie <>, FreeBSD Questions <>
Subject:   Re: Sending a Fax
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=0A________________________________=0AFrom: Doug Hardie <>=0A=
To: FreeBSD Questions <>=0ASent: Thu, May 5, 2011 10:2=
1:29 PM=0ASubject: Sending a Fax=0A=0AOne of my clients needs to send a lot=
 of faxes.=A0 He has a Brother 8680DN which =0Awill fax.=A0 Any ideas how t=
o send a file to it and get it to send a fax?=A0 I am =0Anot finding anythi=
ng beyond printing for that unit via =0AGoogle.____________________________= mailing list=0Ahttp://l= unsubscribe, send =
any mail to ""=0A=0A=0AI read the =
other replies to your post so let me put in my 2 cents worth. For the =0Ala=
st few years, I have basically abandoned faxing in favor of e-mailing PDF a=
nd =0Aother document files. Paperless is not only more efficient but its gr=
een too. =0AStill there are those who must or insist on=A0cutting down huge=
 swaths or forest =0Ain order to send out more paper which will only end up=
 in the land-fills. OK =0Athat's my 2 cents worth so now I will address you=
r question.=0A=0AI would assume that the Brother Fax machine you have shoul=
d be able to handle =0Anetwork printing which means it should handle networ=
k faxing. It not then it =0Awill almost certainly have to be decommissioned=
 if network faxing is what you're =0Aafter. Some have said you can get Free=
BSD using Linux emulation to talk to it, =0Abut unless you really know what=
 you're doing this will be like reinventing the =0Awheel. Personally, I dou=
bt you could get this to work and even if you did, it =0Awould be such a co=
mplex setup that no one but you would know how it works and =0Athe next IT =
person who steps up to manage it will curse the day you were born. =0ANot t=
o mention getting your people in userland to understand and use this =0Apro=
cess will prove fruitless because unless the users can simply point and cli=
ck =0Ait will never be accepted by them. So unless you plan on being there =
to hold the =0Auser's hand throughout each fax.....get the picture.=0A=0AHy=
laFAX is a nice alternative and the port in FreeBSD has been tried and test=
ed =0Aby many and it has earned it's stripes. But you will need a modem of =
some kind =0Ato work with it and I doubt that the modem inside the Brother =
unit you have will =0Awork. On top of that, if your client is using Windows=
 as their workstation OS =0Athen you wil need a client to interface with Hy=
laFAX unless again you plan on =0Abeing there to massage and handhold them =
through the entire process. There are =0Aseveral Windows clients available =
for HylaFAX, a few of them are free but =0Arequire more than a point and cl=
ick process to run. The makers of HylaFAX have =0Aan excellent client which=
 works just like a simple print queue process but it =0Acosts $35 per seat.=
 Other clients are available and cost a few $$ per seat as =0Awell. I have =
a nice setup with HylaFAX and Windows clients but I just don't fax =0Aanymo=
re so I hardly ever use it.=0A=0AI assume the Brother machine will do other=
 tasks like printing, scanning, etc... =0Abut to get it to interface with F=
reeBSD will be a major undertaking. No offense =0Abut the users in this gro=
up will make suggestions which sounf=A0like you just =0Asimply plug-n-play.=
 When in reality, it will take a huge effort for which there =0Awill be lit=
tle or no documentation available and in many cases will never work =0Ain t=
he first place because drivers don't exist for what you want to do.

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