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Date:      Wed, 27 Sep 2006 14:14:03 +0100
From:      Anton Shterenlikht <>
To:        George Allan <>
Subject:   Re: pdf editor
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> Maybe it's time to reconsider the nature of that itch?  PDF was never 
> meant to be edited (except peripherally), and most definitely not in the 
> sense that you're thinking.  Consider it a FINAL "print" format, like an 
> image that's long since left the photographer, his studio and his camera 
> and now exists only as a JPG on a hard drive.

Agreed. But what if I'm writing a paper for a scientific journal
in latex on my freebsd and my coauthors just can't be persuaded to
use anything that's not already exist on their windows PCs? I find
the results of latex2html or latex2rtf of poor quality (even for
editing purposes), i.e. lots of errors, problems with references,
etc. Maybe I need to learn how to use these tools better.

Lately I was sending them pdfs and got in reply some pdfs that can
only be viewed properly with the latest acrobat, and their comments
are only visible on the screen anyway and cannot at all be printed.

So what do I do? More broadly, what is the solution for cross-
platform (*nix - windows - vms) editing of a complex document, with
lots of maths, line plots and raster images?


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