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Date:      Wed, 23 Sep 2009 09:00:10 +0100
From:      krad <>
To:        Anselm Strauss <>
Subject:   Re: Booting ZFS and GPT
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2009/9/22 krad <>

> 2009/9/22 Anselm Strauss <>
> My next question is: Is it actually the plan to use ZFS as official root
>> filesystem in FreeBSD, eventually replacing UFS? Is ZFS actually designed
>> for that use?
>> Anselm
>> On Sep 17, 2009, at 22:25 , krad wrote:
>>  2009/9/17 Anselm Strauss <>
>>> Hi,
>>> I've read and tried out that FreeBSD is able to boot from ZFS directly,
>>> also with GPT partitions, through zfsboot and gptzfsboot. When I tried the
>>> last time 8-CURRENT it was however not built into the release CD. Will this
>>> be included in the final release image? Is there any plan to include GPT and
>>> ZFS setup in sysinstall during an initial installation?
>>> Cheers,
>>> Anselm
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>>> To big a rewrite needed i think. I've heard of plans to potentially
>>> release a graphical installer based on pc-bsd, which will do all the bells
>>> an whistles. Not sure what stage its at though.
>>> The biggest thing we need for the release is for the loader to be
>>> compiled with zfs support in. It seems to have been in and out over the past
>>> few months so i try to make sure i have my own version specially compiled
>>> with it in.
> I dont think there are any specific plans at present, as its not deemed
> stable enough. Its also a complete resource hog compared to ufs, so for the
> foreseeable future I can't see it happening.
> One of the good things about freebsd is the range of hardware it supports.
> If you made zfs the default option you would be making most hardware over a
> few years old unusable without tinkering with the default options.
> However  two or three years (ish)  when the average new purchase its a 16
> core system with 16 GB ram, a few ssds and 10 TB of disk and the older
> systems are the hi spec systems from today then there would be a good case
> for it i guess.
Having said that look at the bottom right


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