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Date:      Tue, 19 Jul 2011 01:39:02 +0200
From:      Jerome Herman <>
Subject:   Re: Lennart Poettering: BSD Isn't Relevant Anymore
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On 19/07/2011 01:21, Gary Gatten wrote:
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> This may get me flamed (probably will) but I'm wondering what the relationship is between FreeBSD and PC-BSD?  PERHAPS if they were to somehow join forces, share development load, etc. and "unify" the FreeBSD offerings under one roof; ie: PC-BSD and SERVER-BSD.
Basically, PC-BSD is just a layer of candy over an almost untouched 
FreeBSD, so it is not the same at all than what you can see with Linux 
PC-BSD offers a graphical and simple installer, and an arguably easier 
package system.
Also it installs KDE and automatically makes a few decisions.
You can actually just use the graphical installer in order to install a 
standard FreeBSD, even if some tricky options won't be available from 
the installer (but you can still run sysinstall later to activate them)

I personnally use it as an easy installer for Crypto-ZFS servers.
> I believe several flavors of Linux have successfully done this.  Perhaps for licensing reasons more than technical, but nonetheless there were two offerings each focused on either a desktop or server deployment strategy.
> Just a thought.  I'm not married to any particular OS - it's a tool and I use what suites my needs best.  I enjoy FreeBSD and like what it stands for - I would like to see it grow; both technically and in popularity.

Well the PC-BSD layer gives a great installer, now the only thing needed 
would be a great server/daemons management layer. But that is very tough 
to create. Some dedicated distributions exists that do have this layer, 
such as FreeNAS or PFSense. But I am not a big fan of either. The thing 
is, once you get the hang of FreeBSD, you end up missing the additional 
options and tweaks that an automated GUI will necessarily  hide.

A FreeBSD distro with LDAP, ACL and MAC management would be nice though.

> Now, if only FreeBSD could find a mascot that didn't offend me so much...
> G
> PS: yes, I'm being sarcastic about being offended; referring to threads that pop up on occasion re "Beastie"
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