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Date:      Thu, 07 Dec 1995 15:19:22 -0800
From:      David Greenman <davidg@Root.COM>
To:        Terry Lambert <>
Subject:   Re: Any operational code using mmap() on FreeBSD ? 
Message-ID:  <199512072319.PAA06371@corbin.Root.COM>
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>> >The question is what are the failure modes on 2.1.  If there aren't any,
>> >you should upgrade to resolve the problem.  If there are, and they are
>> >more severe, you should report them to be corrected, since 2.1 *is*
>> >being maintained (in the form of the 2.2-current).
>>    Uh, actually, 2.1 is being maintained seperately from 2.2-current.
>Man, I thought that there was an announcement saying there wouldn't be
>a 2.1.1.  Not the first time I've been wrong...

   Huh? You were hulicinating when yow saw that. We have always planned a
follow-on to 2.1 on the 2.1 branch.


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