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Date:      Sun, 5 Feb 2012 11:48:03 +0200
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To:        Julian Elischer <>
Subject:   Re: HowTo easy use IPFW
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Здравствуйте, Julian.

Вы писали 5 февраля 2012 г., 9:15:35:

JE> On 2/4/12 10:53 PM, Julian Elischer wrote:
>> On 2/2/12 1:33 AM, Коньков Евгений wrote:
>>> this is the mine script which helps me keep my firewall very clean 
>>> and safe.
>>> It is easy to understand even if you have a thousands ruBTWles, I 
>>> think =)
>>> please comment.
>>> PS. If anybody may, please put into ports tree. thank you.
>> it would probably be get more response if it was in a file format we 
>> had heard of.. like tar..
>> WTF is a ".rar"  file?
JE> BTW the  "stuffit" expander on a Mac seems to be able to handle it..

JE> I can see that this would allow you to manage very complex rule sets 
JE> while keeping errors under control.

JE> I find the syntax hard to follow however
JE>   I guess that comes from it being a relatively simple perl script 
JE> doing the work.

JE> it would be nice to get rid of the line numbers entirely in the 
JE> specifications
JE> and allow the program to completely specify them using symbolic 
JE> definitions instead.

can you give an example how it whould be better?
a documentation is weak a bit, if you have question be free to ask.
I will clear that.

In tar format as you ask.

С уважением,

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