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Date:      Tue, 21 Nov 2006 02:19:17 -0600
From:      Tim Daneliuk <>
Subject:   Re: Dynamic Hostname Assignment With dhcpd
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Tim Daneliuk wrote:
> I am running isc-dhcp3-server-3.0.4_1 on a FBSD 4.11-stable machine.

OK, I mostly have figured this out at this point.  I am able to
dynamically allocate addresses from a pool and associate a name
with that address that makes sense from the point of view of DNS.

However ... the client seems to accept this name only if it does
not already have a hostname assigned.  That is, if the hostname is "".
How do I configure dhcp to *force* the client to accept the name
dhcp has cooked up and override the name that is already in place
on the client machine?

This behavior is noted both when I allocate a dynamic address/name
with dhcp OR if I use dhcp to hand out static IP/name combinations
(based on the requesting machine's MAC address).

Help much appreciated...
Tim Daneliuk
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