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Date:      Fri, 22 Oct 2004 13:57:39 -0700
From:      "Jacob S. Barrett" <>
Subject:   Pipes, Queus and Mask
Message-ID:  <>

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I am a little confused around the working in the man page: 
         queue   A queue is an abstraction used to implement the WF2Q+ (Worst-
                 case Fair Weighted Fair Queueing) policy, which is an effi-
                 cient variant of the WFQ policy.
                 The queue associates a weight and a reference pipe to each
                 flow, and then all backlogged (i.e., with packets queued)
                 flows linked to the same pipe share the pipe's bandwidth pro-
                 portionally to their weights.  Note that weights are not pri-
                 orities; a flow with a lower weight is still guaranteed to
                 get its fraction of the bandwidth even if a flow with a
                 higher weight is permanently backlogged.

If I have a queue with a mask on src-ip.  I understand that each dynamic queue 
will share the same weight and the same pipe.  My confusion comes when I want 
to have dynamic pipes masked on the src-ip as well.  If the queue is tied to 
this pipe will all dynamic queues flow into matching dynamic pipes?  The 
reason I as this question is that when I configure this I see the dynamic 
queue created, but not the dynamic pipe.  Also the bandwidth appears to be 
shared as though they are sharing the same pipe.  Is it correct to say that 
if a masking queue is linked to a masking pipe that all flows will go through 
a dynamic queue and then will share the same pipe and no dynamic pipes will 
be created?


Jacob S. Barrett

"I don't suffer from insanity, I enjoy every minute of it."

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