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Date:      Thu, 28 Nov 1996 12:06:29 +0100 (MET)
From:      Riccardo Veraldi <veraldi@CS.UniBO.IT>
Subject:   olvwm
Message-ID:  <Pine.SUN.3.91.961128120543.29127A-100000@liu>

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I have installed the Open Look Window Manager olvwm.
The thing is that I am unable to do things like 
PROPERTIES and SAVE_WORKSPACE 'cos the system tells me that
I don't have the programs  props and owplaces,
where I can find these programs for FreeBSD?
I have installed the XFree86 taking the binaries from /pub/OS/4.3bsd/FreeBSD/XFree86
and uncompressing it and making everything like linking to X the SVGA
server etc., I did the same way the documentation told me to extract and 
install the binaries, I mean I followed all the instructions I found on the
documentation file.
Then after installing the X server I installed the olvwm window manager 
getting it from packages distribution (
2.1.6-RELEASE/packages) and I used the
menue program /stand/sysinstall/ , and the installation has gone fine.
OF course I installed all the xview libraries and clients, the packages
THe only thing is that I can't configure to save the workspace or 
look at the properties 'cos seems like that in the binary distribution
there aren't these 2 programs  props and owplaces, so
what I have to do? where I can find them?
I would like to make the 2 things (props, owplaces) work on my olvwm.
In the man pages I found out also informations about the script 
openwin, but I have not find it after installation so I did it myself
as well as I didn't find iconedit even if there is a reference to it
in the xview man page.
Seems like the binary distribution is incomplete.

now an other question.
OFTEN when I run a X client I have this message: warning: /usr/X11R6/lib/ minor version 0 older than 
expected 1, using it anyway.

how come this happen??
I have the new release binaries 1.2.6-RELEASE and libs too I found
in the same distribution, so why I have this warning message?
well there is a thing to say. The XFree86 binaries I found were
common to 2.1.* distributions and not specific for 2.1.6 release,
might this one to be the reason of the warning message ??
Anyway I think FreeBsd to be better than Linux, I like more FreeBSD.
A last question...
I have applications such as xsysinfo xsysstats , but if I run the
xman I can't find them there also with search option, while they are
in normal man pages from vt100 terminal, how come?
How come I Can't find the manual pages with the xman program?

I hope you can help me.
thanks a lot!!

Riccardo from Italy.

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