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Date:      Sat, 9 Dec 2017 10:29:34 -0500
From:      Baho Utot <>
Subject:   Re: looks like I am no longer welcome around here
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On 12/09/17 08:27, Polytropon wrote:
> On Sat, 9 Dec 2017 08:20:11 -0500, Baho Utot wrote:
>> The writing is on the wall.
>> Looks like I am no longer welcome around here
> What makes you believe that?

/rant on

Because when I have something to say I get jumped on and I have been 
removed from all the mailing lists except this one.

It is a matter of time and I will be kicked from this one.  Maybe this 
list was missed when I was kicked from the others

> I am _not_ speaking for any community or other people,
> it's just a honest question raised by myself...

They don't like to be called out or have some one be critcal of the 
"new" flavor system or any "new" thing that comes down the pike. It has 
caused a butt load of issues with my systems here.

Any way I have started to update my scratch built linux systems, because 
this 5 year trial of FreeBSD has just been fraught with an unbelievable 
work load just to make it function.

Some of the issues:

Lack of direction.

No transactions in pkg.  One "bad" package and your system doesn't boot, 
so dig out the USB drive

source head in-stability, or you could say base instability.

ports in-stability... I was using Head then I was told to use quarterly 
and then told that it does not receive security updates, well not all 
and not on a regular basis. Then I was told to use head WTF?

Hell most people here don't even know why you should be building in a 
clean room and you should build packages as a user not as root.  You 
should not even use root even when you do the make install.  Tried to 
tell them why, all I got was "shut up you know nothing".

no packaged base, the packaged base just isn't usable, and no one wants 
to listen to alternatives.  After trying packaged base no one could tell 
me how to go back to the "old" method of updating base.  Hell no one 
knew how to remove the base package entries in the pkg database.  I 
found a way and it was trival.  I have not updated base since 11.0 p10 
as I am not up for fixing any breakage if it would occur.

Lack of ability to use modern graphics cards on the "desktop",  it seems 
to have taken a back seat to pkg development.

Regular breakage when I use synth,  that is just not acceptable.

Can not boot ZFS raid system from a boot loader, I have to hit the "F8" 
key and select a drive to boot.  No one seem to know if grub2 would work.

when I started using freebsd ver 10.1  I was told just wait for rev 11 
and package base will be there.....Really?  Now out of the blue sendmail 
is going to bite the dust in version 13, if that is really true.  Given 
the lack of finishing things I have my doubts.

The move from gcc to clang does not appear to me to have been completed.
BTW what is wrong with GCC, works for me.

The move off of GNU software in base was to have been completed and has 
not been.

I was looking for a "system" to use in my entire organization and though 
freebsd would work accross the different archs.  I was completely wrong.

These are the only things that come to mind,  I have had to endure others.

If one is going to be doing major changes how about doing them one at a 
time and actually finishing them.

So you see I see freebsd as a nightmare on elm street, so I need to 
return to something stable and something that makes sense. 
Incapatibilies plays a part too.

Which for me will be my own "scratch built distro".

/rant off

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