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Date:      Sun, 17 Jan 2010 10:41:16 +0000
From:      Mike Clarke <>
Cc:        Gary Kline <>
Subject:   Re: OOo question.....
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On Sunday 17 January 2010, Gary Kline wrote:

> On Sat, Jan 16, 2010 at 10:27:59AM +0000, Mike Clarke wrote:
> > On Saturday 16 January 2010, Gary Kline wrote:


> > > 	Second q is howto use them for my desktop backgrounds in KDE
> > > since, upon rebuild and relaunch, everything is black.   the
> > > first question is howto save a separate image?  or are there
> > > other tools to do this? [neither xv nor gv work]
> >
> > Right click on a blank piece of the KDE desktop and select
> > "Configure Desktop". This should open with the "Change the
> > background settings" icon highlighted. In the "Background" section
> > click the "Picture" radio button and click the folder icon on the
> > right to browse to your selected image.
> 	(Several hours later).
> 	I found the place and added three 'wallpapers'; they haven't
> appeared. Probably will after I've rebooted.

The new wallpaper should appear immediately after you click on "OK" 
or "Apply".

> ---I see that my newest KDE is 3.5.10.

That's what I'm using.

> Sometime this year I'll try KDE4 again.--   

When I upgraded to FreeBSD 8.0 about a month ago I let sysinstall put 
KDE4 on me. Big mistake [1]. I disliked it intensely and, after a few 
days trying to come to terms with it, I reverted back to 3.5.10. YMMV 
but for me it was just too clumsy and bloated with a lot of new 
superfluous eye candy and lacked some simple and useful features that 
I'd become accustomed to. Given time perhaps I could have configured it 
to my liking but I couldn't see it offering anything useful that I 
didn't already have with 3.5 so it didn't seem worth the effort of 
continuing with it.

[1] I suspect that my badly managed effort of deinstalling all of KDE4 
and installing KDE3 was the main cause of the problems described in my 
recent thread "Problems building from ports" 
which resulted in me having to remove and reinstall all my ports.

Mike Clarke

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