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Date:      Fri, 12 Oct 2012 14:14:44 +0200
From:      Bas Smeelen <>
Subject:   Re: portmaster options
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On 10/12/2012 01=3A57 PM=2C jb wrote=3A
=3E jb =3Cjb=2E1234abcd =3Cat=3E gmail=2Ecom=3E writes=3A
=3E=3E =2E=2E=2E
=3E=3E=3E       --index-only
=3E=3E=3E           do not try to use /usr/ports=2E  For updating ports whe=
n no
=3E=3E=3E           /usr/ports
=3E=3E=3E           directory is present the -PP=7C--packages-only option i=
s required=2E
=3E=3E=3E           See the ENVIRONMENT section below for additional requir=
=3E=3E =2E=2E=2E
=3E And -PP=7C--packages-only option implies =22index only=22 entry behavio=
r=2C so there
=3E is redundancy here as well=2E
=3E Does anybody know where this --index-only option really matter =3F
=3E jb

Well /usr/local/sbin/portmaster is a =5Fbig=5F  shell script
You could read through it to find the answer to your question

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