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Date:      Sat, 15 Nov 2014 19:29:36 +0100
From:      Robert Sevat <>
To:        Darren Pilgrim <>,
Subject:   Re: Small/Low Power Server Recommendation?
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On 11/15/2014 07:12 PM, Darren Pilgrim wrote:
> On 11/15/2014 10:08 AM, Robert Sevat wrote:
>> I have a Freebsd 10.1 mITX server running on an Supermicro X9SBAA-F, I
>> use it as router/firewall and have 4 jails running transmission on it.
>> It's pushed ~10-11TB of traffic in the past 10 months without cracking a
>> sweat. Some of the newer mITX atom boards are really nice looking as
>> well.
> Not to rain on the praise, but that's about half a Mbps average. ;) 
> I'm more interested in peak rate, what you're running as a packet
> filter, and, if you're dual-stack, do see any problems with IPv6?
Valid questions :) It's on a 100/100 Mbps connection and all traffic is
NAT'ed via PF. Peak traffic will be about ~150 Mbps combined. Part of
this is an Rsync connection over ssh hammering the upload towards the
main server on 1000/1000 Gbps. Downloading a file at 100 Mbps uses ~10%
cpu. So definitely not bad for such a low power device.

I am not yet full dual stack, I only just got a /64 on my main server
(last week), this is a smaller server at a different ISP, after I got it
on my main server I realized I have had dual stack for months on the
smaller one as well :p I've tested it a bit so far and got it working,
only still need to assign ipv6 address to jails / update dns.

Kind Regards,
Robert Sevat

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