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Date:      Thu, 12 Sep 1996 11:50:20 -0500
From:      Richard J Kuhns <>
Cc: (Brandon Gillespie),
Subject:   Re: Fvwm2 95 package and Click-To-Focus
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John Dyson writes:
 > > Ok, a while back I hunted and found fvwm95 myself, compiled it, installed 
 > > it, tweaked the settings to my preference and all is well.  I just 
 > > upgraded to 2.1.5 and installed the fvwm2 95 package, which works just 
 > > fine with my configuration EXCEPT for some reason its defaulting to 
 > > 'Click To Focus' and it should NOT do this!  The ClickToFocus style is 
 > > NOT enabled in my configuration (I just checked this).  The one thing I 
 > > abhore about Windows is click to focus, and I really REALLY do not want 
 > > to have it--but for the life of me I cannot figure out how to shut if 
 > > off--it almost looks as if it was compiled as the only way it works.
 > > 
 > > Help?  Who compiled this package?  I would go back to my old fvwm95 
 > > except for I deleted it.
 > > 
 > I built fvwm2-95 directly from it's distribution.  One of the earlier
 > versions had the bug that you described.  I am at work right now, but will
 > follow up to you with some info on the version that I am using that
 > does NOT have that bug.  BTW, it is a really really nice WM!!!
 > John
You might also consider adding the following to your .fvwm2rc95:

Style "*" SloppyFocus

`SloppyFocus' is, IMHO, the best focus style yet.  It's `focus follows
mouse' to give focus to a window, but that window doesn't lose focus until
the mouse pointer moves onto another *non-root* window.  Very nice...
Richard Kuhns
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