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Date:      Fri, 10 Jun 2016 12:32:35 +0200
From:      Christian Baer <>
Subject:   Re: List etiquette
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On 06/10/16 00:14, Duane Whitty wrote:

Hello Duane!

> I would like to pose a question to a specific user on the thread 
> "advice for buying a laptop" on freebsd-questions@.  Should I send 
> the question to the list only, or list and cc (or bcc) user, or
> just to the user?  I would hope the etiquette includes the list as
> I think the answer could be potentially valuable to others.

Since I am the said OP, I'll chip in here too, even though what I think
has already been said (written by others). :-)

Put bluntly, if someone wishes to profit from the collective knowledge
of a community (in this case *this* mailing list), he or she should be
willing to share the results with the community (as in the knowledge
gained). While my question will probably only be interesting for a
limited amount of time, many subjects discussed on this list can also be
useful in the future and a search may well save someone from having to
ask the question again because there is a solution in place.

Another reason why it's generally better to reply to the list instead of
the author personally is the way that solutions are often worked out
collectively. Basically, someone may offer a suggestion that in itself
doesn't work, but it inspires an idea in someone else who then finds a
solution to the problem. This only works if the communication is open.

So by all means, please answer to the mailing list! While it is not
frowned upon to CC or Bcc the author, I personally think it is not
necessary and I don't do it either. Again, if someone profits from the
mailing list, he or she should go ahead and read it - maybe he or she
finds someone who needs help on the way.

Best regards and have fun!
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