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Date:      Thu, 05 Jun 1997 14:07:34 -0600
From:      Joshua Fielden <>
To:        "Bryan K. Ogawa" <>
Cc:        questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: Anyone using 2.2.x + Netscape 4.0b5 + Accelerated X ?
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Bryan K. Ogawa wrote:
> I've been consistently able to lock up my system (no nothing--not even
> keyboard lights toggling) with 2.2.1 & 2.2.2 , Accelerated X 1.2 , and
> Netscape 4.0b5, by starting Netscape, going to my bookmarks, and rapidly
> moving the mouse (with button down) over the menu items.  After a few
> seconds of this, the system freezes solid (almost all disk IO stops, music
> playing in the background ends, capslock no longer toggles capslock light,
> ctrl-alt-del no longer works, mouse doesn't move).
> Has anyone experienced this behavior before, either with Accelerated X or
> with XFree?
> Whatever's happening, Netscape should *not* be able to hose down a system
> in this way.  I'm using the BSDI 2.x version; maybe that's part of the
> problem, but I suspect AccelX (I guess I should check to see if there's a
> new version).
> bryan k ogawa  <>

	Well, I have yet tp try that release under BSD, but I do know it has
managed to trash my *file system* in both 95 and NT, and quite often
crashes under NT as the background app, with nothing running. I have a
friend who is a senior system analyst at Netscape, and his answer was
"no comment." :-)

SCSI is *not* magic.  There are many technical
reasons why it is occasionally nessicary to 
sacrifice a small goat to your SCSI chain.

Joshua Fielden
House of Duck

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