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Date:      Thu, 18 Sep 2014 09:58:51 +0200
From:      "O. Hartmann" <>
To:        Adrian Chadd <>
Cc:        Kevin Oberman <>, FreeBSD CURRENT <>, FreeBSD Questions <>
Subject:   Re: 11.0-CURRENT and Lenovo ThinkPad E540: No LAN, no WiFI
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Am Tue, 16 Sep 2014 08:40:25 -0700
Adrian Chadd <> schrieb:

> Ah, jumbo frames. Maybe you got lucky and some ethernet drivers
> default to accepting larger frames even if the MTU is 1500.
> -a

After all, I managed to get the NIC up and running. But the culprit is that=
 I have to
take the NIC down and then up to make it working once the system has bootet=
. That is
annoying. Lucckily, I can provide better informations since the box s now a=
ttached to the
network. Here we go:

re0@pci0:4:0:0: class=3D0x020000 card=3D0x502817aa chip=3D0x816810ec rev=3D=
0x10 hdr=3D0x00
    vendor     =3D 'Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd.'
    device     =3D 'RTL8111/8168B PCI Express Gigabit Ethernet controller'
    class      =3D network
    subclass   =3D ethernet
    bar   [10] =3D type I/O Port, range 32, base 0x3000, size 256, enabled
    bar   [18] =3D type Memory, range 64, base 0xf1d04000, size 4096, enabl=
    bar   [20] =3D type Memory, range 64, base 0xf1d00000, size 16384, enab=
    cap 01[40] =3D powerspec 3  supports D0 D1 D2 D3  current D0
    cap 05[50] =3D MSI supports 1 message, 64 bit=20
    cap 10[70] =3D PCI-Express 2 endpoint IRQ 1 max data 128(128) link x1(x=
                 speed 2.5(2.5) ASPM disabled(L0s/L1)
    cap 11[b0] =3D MSI-X supports 4 messages, enabled
                 Table in map 0x20[0x0], PBA in map 0x20[0x800]
    cap 03[d0] =3D VPD
    ecap 0001[100] =3D AER 2 0 fatal 0 non-fatal 1 corrected
    ecap 0002[140] =3D VC 1 max VC0
    ecap 0003[160] =3D Serial 1 01000000684ce000
    ecap 0018[170] =3D LTR 1
    ecap 001e[178] =3D unknown 1
  PCI-e errors =3D Correctable Error Detected
     Corrected =3D Receiver Error

WiFi (supposed to be Intel ):
none2@pci0:5:0:0:       class=3D0x028000 card=3D0x42628086 chip=3D0x08b2808=
6 rev=3D0x73 hdr=3D0x00
    vendor     =3D 'Intel Corporation'
    class      =3D network
    bar   [10] =3D type Memory, range 64, base 0xf1c00000, size 8192, enabl=
    cap 01[c8] =3D powerspec 3  supports D0 D3  current D0
    cap 05[d0] =3D MSI supports 1 message, 64 bit=20
    cap 10[40] =3D PCI-Express 2 endpoint max data 128(128) FLR link x1(x1)
                 speed 2.5(2.5) ASPM L1(L0s/L1)
    ecap 0001[100] =3D AER 1 0 fatal 0 non-fatal 0 corrected
    ecap 0003[140] =3D Serial 1 ac7ba1ffffa06fd6
    ecap 0018[14c] =3D LTR 1
    ecap 000b[154] =3D Vendor 1 ID 51966

The WiFi NIC isn't recognized by any driver in CURRENT (11.0-CURRENT #5 r27=
1728: Thu Sep
18 01:18:25 CEST 2014 amd64)

Maybe this is of help.


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