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Date:      Wed, 18 Jan 2012 21:50:54 +0100
From:      Michel Talon <>
Subject:   Re: Which Common Lisp port for FreeBSD/sparc64?
Message-ID:  <>

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> If the build of your favorite lisp still fails, you'll have to dive =
into the
> source to see what's wrong. It might be something relatively easy to =
> Some familiarity with C is probably required, though. :-)
Except for clisp, which is based on a C bootstrap, the others are =
written in lisp
and C code is reduced to very little. On the other hand the lisp =
compiler produces=20
machine code, so porting to another architecture requires important =
knowledge of
the machine. In particular for clisp i see this in the NetBSD pkgsrc =
# Sparc64 has assembler code problems, see
# =
NOT_FOR_PLATFORM=3D	*-*-sparc64
so i would not expect a quick solution. But no such restriction for =

As for Debian port of sbcl to 64 bits amd64 i know i have seen reports =
of incorrect
maxima programs in the maxima mailing list, so i suspect this port to be =
buggy. For
sparc64 i don't know. You can find various cmucl snapshots here:
i think one of the authors has a sparc machine, and also runs maxima, so =
i would be confident that=20
cmucl works OK on the sparc, but it is here apparently under solaris.=20


Michel Talon

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