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Date:      Sun, 06 Dec 2020 16:55:15 -0800
From:      Carl Johnson <>
Subject:   Re: Xfce Terminal doesn't like blue?
Message-ID:  <86wnxuo2oc.fsf@elm.localnet>
In-Reply-To: <> (Gary Aitken's message of "Sun, 6 Dec 2020 16:55:10 -0700")
References:  <86a6uqpr4n.fsf@elm.localnet> <>

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Gary Aitken <> writes:

> On 12/6/20 2:19 PM, Carl Johnson wrote:
>> I have been having problems with color displays for a few days since I
>> upgraded to the current xfce4.  I finally realized that the problem is
>> that xfce terminal interprets the blue escape sequence as black, so that
>> is unreadable since I use a black background.  I came up with the
>> following line to demonstrate it, plus a good line.
>>    echo 'this is \033[34mblue\033[m and \033[34;1mbright
>> blue\033[m.'
>>    echo 'this is \033[32mgreen\033[m and \033[32;1mbright green\033[m.'
>> The blue characters is the first line are black, but the green
>> characters actually display as green.  This only seems to happen on xfce
>> terminal, and does not happen in xterm or even a virtual console.  Does
>> anybody else have this, or is it some configuration problem of mine?
>> Both cyan and purple work, so it isn't the monitor or cable.
>> I am currently running xfce4-terminal- and the system is
>> running
>> FreeBSD 12.2-RELEASE.
> I'm running 11.4-RELEASE, and when I install the xfce4-terminal pkg and try
> to run, it crashes with a missing symbol in the vte library.
> $ xfce4-terminal
> (xfce4-terminal:58355): VTE-WARNING **: 16:19:51.317:
> (../src/ vte_pty_spawn_with_fds_async(VtePty *,
> const char *, const char *const *, const char *const *, const int *,
> int, const int *, int, GSpawnFlags, GSpawnChildSetupFunc, gpointer,
> GDestroyNotify, int, GCancellable *, GAsyncReadyCallback, gpointer):
> runtime check failed: ((spawn_flags & forbidden_spawn_flags()) == 0)
> /usr/local/lib/ Undefined symbol "fribidi_get_bracket_types"
> However, if I
>   pkg install bison
>   cd /usr/ports/x11-toolkits/vte3
>   make install
>   cd /usr/ports/x11/xfce4-terminal
>   make install
> then run xfce4-terminal, the colors show up correctly.
> Blue is really difficult to see on a black background, but blue is definitely
> blue and bright blue is easy to see.

I forgot that I had changed the terminal color preferences to make those
easier to read.

> This is also xfce4-terminal
> Don't know if this helps or not.

I looked into the actual terminal configuration file and compared it to
backups and found that something had changed it.  It looks like the
upgrade changed the format and screwed up those two colors so that they
were much dimmer than even the original colors.  I brought back my old
version from a backup and now everything works as it did before.

Thank you very much for checking into that and reminding me what to look

Carl Johnson

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