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Date:      Thu, 8 Feb 1996 21:59:43 -0800
To:        Dale Benzer <>
Subject:   Re: DNS and Bind on FreeBSD.
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Dale Benzer writes:
 > thank you for responding so quickly. we certainly would appreciate a copy 
 > of your file. are we correct in understanding that the only pieces 
 > necessary to get our DNS running. Our purpose for DNS is using netcom as 
 > our IPS nameserver. So far we have unsuccessfully.
 > We've done the following: Changed the resolv.conf to include the 
 > addresses Netcom gave us. But it seems as if Freebsd is not getting to 
 > that file. Hiow do we get that file running?

Ah, this is a somewhat different problem.  Since you've edited the
resolv.conf, have you been able to lookup names using nslookup?
A simple test, from the command line, would be

	$ nslookup -type=any

If this returns the correct results, (i.e. you're on your
way.  If applications like telnet and ftp still don't grok outside
addresses, you're probably not configured to use name services.  Edit
/etc/host.conf to contain:


This tells the name resolver library consult /etc/hosts first, and if
the hostname isn't found there, try DNS.  This way, you can enter the
names and addresses of local machines and machines you contact
frequently in your /etc/hosts and save the lookup time.

This should get you working, as long as your tcp/ip routing is

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