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Date:      Wed, 18 Sep 2013 13:37:16 -0400
From:      "Scott Brown" <>
To:        <>
Subject:   Purchase Order & Working Capital
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* I've recently been blessed to be able to help several banks , CPA's and=
=0Alending institutions with their clients  cash flow needs where the clien=
t was=0Anot yet bankable or the bank needed an exit strategy from existing =
revolvers.=0A=0AFeel fee to call me or email if I can answer any questions.=
=0A=0AScott=0A=0ACreative Working Capital Factoring=0A=0APurchase Order Fin=
ancing=0A=0A[1] P Brown           =
                          11175 Cicero Dr ~ Ste 100=0A=0A(770) 880-9208    =
                                        Alpharetta, GA=0A30022=0A=0Asbrown@=  Recent Purchase Order Transactions=0A=
=0ABelow are just a few examples of recent Purchase Order financings we hav=
e=0Acompleted. If you or someone you know needs Working Capital, or Funding=
 for a=0Asingle or multiple ongoing Purchase Orders - give me a call at (77=
0) 880-9208.=0ABest - Scott.=0A=0AAmmunition Manufacturer=0A=0APurchase Ord=
er=0A=0A&=0A=0AAccounts Receivable=0A=0A$ 500,000=0A=0ACompany in the Carol=
inas manufacturers custom and branded ammunition in various=0Acalibers. The=
y sell to major chain Athletic stores, U.S. Government, and Gun=0AStores th=
roughout the U.S.=0A=0AMain Concerns Solved:=0A* Purchase or Brass and GunP=
owder QUICKLY when it becomes available=0A* Speed of reacting to incoming o=
rders=0A* Unique Product=0A* Regulations=0A=0AI.T. Sales & Service Company=
=0A=0APurchase Order=0A=0A&=0A=0AAccounts Receivable=0A=0A$ 900,000=0A=0APr=
ovided a Purchase Order facility offering 100% funding of all purchase cost=
s=0Aof computers to fill orders, using an Int'l Letter of Credit to supplie=
r.=0ACompany was able to fill orders quickly, and with security having not =
forwarded=0Acash overseas.=0A=0AMain Concerns Solved:=0A* Funding 100% of c=
osts to supplier - not the 70% our competitors offer=0A* Sending deposits a=
nd final payment overseas without goods being inspected=0A=0ABoiler Repair =
& Installation Service Company=0A=0AAccounts Receivable=0A=0A$500,000=0A=0A=
Provided a Working Capital line so that upon invocing at completion of serv=
ice,=0Athe company could draw on it's Accounts Receivable for Payroll and o=
ther costs=0Aalong the way before payments would be received from Net 30 bi=
lling.=0A=0AMain Concerns Solved:=0A* Payroll - on time - Weekly=0A* Vendor=
s and Supply Chain paid timely for parts=0A* Payroll Taxes=0A* Maintain Ove=
rhaed payments timely=0A=0AIf you or your client needs Purchase Order Finan=
cing, or Non-Invasive Factoring=0Aplease don't hesitate to contact me. I am=
 always enthusiastic to help.=0A=0ARegards,=0A=0AScott Brown=0A=0A(770) 880= makes us Different?=0A=0AA Lot ! We are different from othe=
r providers in that we remove all the barriers=0Ato great service, and neve=
r require our clients to sign a term commitment or pay=0Aexit fees.=0A=0ACo=
mpetitors         Midland=0A=0A[2]=0A=0AJoin me on Linked=0A=0Awww.MidlandA= 770-880-9208   SBrown@mindlandAmericanCapita= h=
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