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Date:      Wed, 28 Nov 2012 12:44:25 +0100
From:      Matthias Apitz <>
To:        s m <>
Subject:   Re: set connection to a modem
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El día Wednesday, November 28, 2012 a las 01:44:18PM +0330, s m escribió:

> hello guys,
> i want to connect my freebsd system to modem and configure it via my
> freebsd. i thought that i should change /etc/ttys file to set speed and
> other configuration. in order to check if i am right or not, i comment ttyu
> line in ttys file and expect the modem got disconnected but the modem still
> works and can access to it.
> i googled and found that there are three files in /etc that we can edit
> them to configure our devices: /etc/ttys, /etc/gettytab and
> /etc/rc.d/ moreover we can edit init file for each device in /dev
> to set default speed and other configuration by stty command.
> now i am confused and don't know which file i should edit to set speed and
> flow control and other setting to have a connection to my modem. i mean
> from which file i can configure my connection? i know it's too easy but
> please clear it for me.

The answer higly depends on what you want todo with your modem; if you
want to dial-out, you do not need the above files; your terminal
application (for example 'kermit') will do this; or the ppp/chat will

if you want to offer dial-in service (for fax or for data/login), check
the ports for 'HylaFAX' or for 'mgetty' and follow the installation


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