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Date:      Wed, 25 Mar 2009 06:29:47 +0100
From:      Leslie Jensen <>
To:        Harold Hartley <>
Subject:   Re: installing freebsd on windows
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Harold Hartley skrev:
> I am wondering if the freebsd team has ever thought of making freebsd to 
> install on windows like ubuntu does.
> I'm just a person that can't afford more than one computer cause I live 
> in a nursing home and I would like to be able to use one computer to 
> choose what I want to boot into, such as windows or unbuntu and maybe a 
> freebsd choice.
> I don't always want to boot into windows, except for the 3 apps I have 
> to use windows for.
> I do boot into ubuntu 90% of the time and enjoy it so much, but I have 
> read about freebsd and researched it fully and I wish I could be able to 
>  run freebsd as with all the apps freebsd has to offer. I would love to 
> be able to install freebsd under windows so I could choose freebsd to 
> boot into when I want.
> I hope to hear from freebsd about my request, and by the way, I'm not a 
> linux expert so I don't know everything about linux, but I'm always 
> learning.
> Thanks
> Harold Hartley
> 158 Russell Street
> Lewiston, Maine 04240

For testing purposes I've used Suns VirtualBox under Windows, it runs 
under Linux as well. (Free)BSD installs well and it can give you a first 
impression on how it works. There are some settings that you must keep 
in mind, disk size can't be dynamic. You can use the VirtualBox forums 
for more information.

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