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Date:      Wed, 28 Nov 2012 15:47:51 +0400
From:      Ilya Kazakevich <>
To:        FreeBSD Questions <>
Subject:   Fwd: set connection to a modem
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> i want to connect my freebsd system to modem and configure it via my
> freebsd. i thought that i should change /etc/ttys file to set speed and
> other configuration. in order to check if i am right or not, i comment ttyu
> line in ttys file and expect the modem got disconnected but the modem still
> works and can access to it.
> i googled and found that there are three files in /etc that we can edit
> them to configure our devices: /etc/ttys, /etc/gettytab and
> /etc/rc.d/ moreover we can edit init file for each device in /dev
> to set default speed and other configuration by stty command.
> now i am confused and don't know which file i should edit to set speed and
> flow control and other setting to have a connection to my modem. i mean
> from which file i can configure my connection? i know it's too easy but
> please clear it for me.
> yours,
> sam
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Modem configuration itself has nothing to do with getty and ttys
You only need them if you want to configure modem for plain dial-in: i.e.
somebody dials you, FreeBSD starts getty on this line, and lets your peer
enter your system.

If you want your peer to use PPP (to use IP over it, for example) you would
not need to configure ttys also.

And you do not need it  if you want to dial-up somewhere too.

What exactly you want to do?


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