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Date:      Wed, 09 Dec 2009 01:31:47 -0600
From:      "Corey J. Bukolt" <>
Subject:   Temporarily halt boot process to enter encryption keys?
Message-ID:  <>

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Hello list,

I have a FreeNAS box with a CF card for root, and 3 drives (soon to be
4) set up with encryption and raidz on top of them.
A less than excellent detailed report of what I did is here:
This setup is a bit hackish as after the system boots I need to attach
each drive using geli, run "zpool import -f primary", and then restart
all my services (nfs, samba, etc).

It's become a bit of a chore (especially when doing it all from a
N810), so I'm looking for a way to temporary halt the boot process so
that I can ssh in, attach the drives, and then allow the system to
continue to boot.

A few ideas come to mind, such as meddling with rc scripts, but I'd
like to get some suggestions from the more experienced FreeBSD hackers
before I go off breaking my system.


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