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Date:      Thu, 28 Nov 1996 12:18:59 -0500 (EST)
From:      Jim Durham <>
To:        "Jordan K. Hubbard" <>
Cc:        Jim Durham <>, Just Baldrick <>,,
Subject:   Re: VoxWare Sound Driver
Message-ID:  <>
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On 27-Nov-96 "Jordan K. Hubbard" wrote:
>>> The free version of the server is owned by someone
>> else now, but I forget who. The latest version does not support
>> FreeBSD as of about two weeks ago. I just tried to find it again and
>> couldn't.
>Actually, are you *sure* about that?  From my understanding of things,
>the Voxware driver as done by Hannu still belongs to him and the only
>thing which changed was the name, since "Voxware" is actually a
>trademark of another corporation which makes voice teleconferencing
Nope, not sure at all. I remember investigating to see if there was
a newer version out there a few weeks ago and finding out that
Voxware was no longer supporting the driver. The OSS name was what
I couldn't remember. Anyway, they apparently didn't have a 3.0 version
ready as of then.

>Of course, when they became the Open Sound Source, much more was done
>to make the driver portable to other operating systems such as SCO
>and HP/UX, so it's probably safe to say that OSS/Lite bears little
>resemblance to the original Voxware at this stage.

I guess that's the deal. I'm sorry I was so fuzzy on this,
but no one answered him and I couldn't remember quite what                      
it was all about. Now it clicks.

By the way. Is there a good, succinct explanation of how the
various audio devices in /dev are supposed to be used? I've
looked though the handbook, FAQs, and searched the Web, but
to no avail. In particular, there are some strangenesses
involving the Voxware driver, like that RealAudio says it
uses the Voxware driver. When you try to run RA, it says
"audio device in use". Took me a while to realize that it
was talking about /dev/audio, which was in use, all right,
but by Voxware! I killed auserver and RA worked just fine.

I discoverd that /dev/au plays .au files. But
/dev/midi0 does not play midi files. Playmidi,
I believe, claims to use the Voxware driver, but
only works in FM mode in reality.

What gives?

-Jim Durham


-Jim Durham

James C. Durham
Video/Audio engineer
Unitel Mobile Video

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