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Date:      Sun, 04 Jan 2015 17:46:09 +0100
From:      Christian Baer <>
Subject:   FreeBSD multiboot / was: FreeBSD with Win7 and UEFI
Message-ID:  <>
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Warren Block wrote:

>> This sentence actually rather suggests that you have not read my post
>> (properly) before answering.
> Your boot menu pointed out that FreeBSD was EFI and did not do that for
> Windows.  Also, Windows 7 UEFI installs are rare.

Actually, there is no Windows boot loader when you do not use UEFI. This is 
the same as the dedicated freebsd-boot partition needed for FreeBSD.

The Mainboard just recognised Windows and thus displayed the name of the OS. 
It does not seem to recognise FreeBSD so it just displayed "EFI OS".
> Some UEFI systems can attempt legacy BIOS booting and then UEFI, and it
> appeared that Windows 7 was booting in BIOS mode while FreeBSD was
> installed for UEFI.

Well, be that as it may, it no longer makes a difference as I have 
reinstalled both Windows and FreeBSD - using BIOS this time, not EFI. The 
reason was actually my nvidia driver which locked the system on boot. I 
thought this was a problem with the boot loader but as it turned out is was 
because the Linux compat had changed from 10.0 RELASE to 10.1 RELEASE. I 
might have to write about that some other time because the problems I had 
with my nvidia driver were not really documented and I'm having a hard time 
assuming that I'm the only one who ran into trouble trying to get that driver 
to work.

Back to the old problem... :-)

This time, I installed Windows first and FreeBSD after that. I did not find 
any option during the installation of the latter to install/setup a boot 
loader that allows me to choose the OS I wish to use. The result is that the 
Computer now only boots FreeBSD - which is fine with me until I want to do 
some gaming. :-)

I have not ever tried to install Grub on a FreeBSD system. In theory it 
should work fine. Or is there something else I can/should use? Note that this 
is a machine with two swap bays for HDDs and these are used frequently. I use 
labels in my fstab because the computer's idea which drive is 1st seems to 
change depending on whether there is a drive in the bay or not.

Best regards,

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