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Date:      Wed,  2 Jul 97 22:05:44 -0700
From:      Manu Iyengar <>
Subject:   Trouble with NICs while installing 3.0-970618-SNAP via FTP
Message-ID:  <>

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I'm trying to install 3.0-970618-SNAP via FTP, and am having trouble getting  
the Ethernet card to work properly. I've tried with 3 different NICs, 2 PCI  
(Intel EtherExpress PRO/100B, SMC EtherPower 10/100) and 1 ISA (Intel  
EtherExpress PRO/10+). All three are properly probed, seem to make ifconfig &  
route happy, and generally show no signs of trouble until the installation  
attempts to resolve `' (or anything else). With the 2 PCI  
cards, the driver complains about a "transmission timeout". With the ISA  
PRO/10+, the driver doesn't complain, but nothing happens (no DEBUG output)  
and the install times out. Here's the setup:

Hardware:	Micron Pentium with 3 PCI slots
		SMC EtherPower 10/100 in PCI Slot 3 (de0, DEC 21140)
OR		Intel EtherExpress PRO/100B in PCI Slot 3 (fxp0)
OR		Intel EtherExpress PRO/10+ in ISA Slot 1 (ex0)
		Adaptec 2940AU in PCI Slot 2
		Diamond Stealth 64 in PCI Slot 1 (the shared PCI/ISA slot)
		Sundry ISA stuff (Bus Mouse card mse0, SB16)

So far, I did the following:
1) Transferred the boot image from the snap to floppy.
2) Boot up, no problem.
3) In the "Options" menu, choose FTP->3.0 SNAP Server->de0/fxp0/ex0
4) Type in the appropriate network configuration information. This is all  
correct, this machine used to run FreeBSD 2.1.0 a while ago (but not with the  
same NIC card. I was using an EtherExpress 16, which is not supported by the  
boot floppy).

>From looking at the debug messages, ifconfig succeeds, routes are added  
fine, etc. but the de0 & fxp0 drivers subsequently complain. Here's the DEBUG  

DEBUG: Init routine called for network device de0.
DEBUG: Notify: ifconfig de0 inet x.y.z.42 netmask 0xffffff00
DEBUG: Executing command `ifconfig de0 inet x.y.z.42 netmask 0xffffff00'
DEBUG: Command `ifconfig de0 inet x.y.z.42 netmask 0xffffff00' returns status of 0
DEBUG: Notify: Adding default route to x.y.z.1.
DEBUG: Executing command `route add default x.y.z.1'
add net default: gateway x.y.z.1
DEBUG: Command `route add default x.y.z.1' returns status of 0
DEBUG: Network initialized successfully.
DEBUG: hostname = `'
DEBUG: dir = `pub/FreeBSD/'
DEBUG: port # = `21'
de0: transmission timeout
de0: transmission timeout
de0: transmission timeout
de0: transmission timeout
de0: transmission timeout

Ditto with fxp0 (device timeout), but ex0 is silent. All three cards appear  
to see traffic (from the activity LEDs) at all times.

I know the network jack, cabling, etc. are fine (have another machine to  
swap & test with). The specified gateway, nameserver et al. are okay, the IP  
address for the machine is reserved, and I have not the foggiest on where to  
look next.

Have others run into this sort of thing? Is installing via FTP deprecated?  
Am I overlooking something insanely obvious? Should I Cc this to  
freebsd-hackers or freebsd-current since it's a 3.0-SNAP thing? And in case  
those questions weren't enough, can humble mortals like me roll a boot floppy  
with the EtherExpress 16 driver on it (ix)? I know *that* works. Any & all  
help greatly appreciated and gladly rewarded in beerware :-) Thanks,


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