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Date:      Thu, 3 Oct 1996 21:51:13 -0500 (CDT)
From:      Richard Cobbe <>
Subject:   General install question
Message-ID:  <>

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Sincerest apologies if these are FAQs, but I couldn't find them in the
mailing list archives or any of the other docs at

I am not currently running any version of FreeBSD, but I'd like to install
it (2.1.5-RELEASE, fwiw) and check it out.  I have 2 IDE drives, and I'm
planning on installing BSD on the 3rd partition of the 2nd drive (both are
on the first IDE cable).

I have been told that the kernel which is installed as part of the process
expects to find itself on the first IDE device, and the system won't boot
(at least, won't boot BSD) if it's not there.  So, I have two questions:

1) Is this in fact the case?  If so, can I get around it by swapping the
drives, installing, recompiling the kernel to look for itself on the second
device (and changing /etc/fstab), and moving the driveFrom owner-freebsd-questions  Thu Oct  3 20:04:15 1996
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From: Clary Harridge <>
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Subject: 2.15 release boot.flp missing adaptec 2940AU driver
Date: Fri, 4 Oct 1996 13:03:50 +1000 (EST)
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I have tried both the 
	2.1.5 RELEASE
and	2.2-960801-SNAP

They seem to be missing the ahc driver which seems to be the one required
for an Adaptec 2940AU controller that I have on a pentium.
Maybe the probe is failing.

I can recognise my 3 SCSI drives using DOS.

	120MHz pentium
	Adaptec AHA-2940AU.
	Seagate ST51080N
	2 x Seagate ST15150N
	2 x DEC etherworks PCI controller

Can anyone please throw any light on this?

regards			Dept. of Electrical Engineering,
Clary Harridge		University of Queensland, QLD, Australia, 4072
			Phone: +61-7-3365-3636	Fax:   +61-7-3365-4999

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