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Date:      Sun, 18 Jan 2009 17:40:44 -0500
From:      Allen <>
Subject:   Re: How's it going with 7.1?
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Kris Kennaway wrote:
> Len Conrad wrote:
>> Any feedback?  Can't find much in fbsd-questions.
>> I have partner who said 7.0 tcp/ip was much slower for his VPN nets
>> than 6.4. Is that fixed in 7.1.

I just installed FreeBSD7.1-RELEASE a few days ago, and I've been pretty
impressed so far. I've been using FreeBSD on and off since 4.0 so I
think I can say this:

It's not slow at all. It's actually pretty snappy I'd say. I wouldn't
listen to someone who's saying it's slow or something. You never know
when a user screws with something MAKING it slow to begin with and then
complains about it. Happens all the time to tech support people. A user
will mess with an option, screw it up, and then complain like it's their
fault at the company who makes it.

Personally, my advice would be that if you had a machine you aren't
using for anything really, or if you have a testing machine already, to
install it and make your own conclusion. I personally have loved it.

- -Allen
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