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Date:      Mon, 24 Jun 2002 13:57:21 -0700 (Pacific Daylight Time)
From:      Jeff Kletsky <>
To:        Luigi Rizzo <>
Subject:   Re: New ipfw code available
Message-ID:  <>

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Luigi and Group:

In my searches for a way to clear accounting on ipfw pipes, I came across
this thread.

Running a commercial site that relies on the robustness of
the ipfw code, I'd like to throw in a few suggestions about the
documentation and user-land utilities.

First, let me say that this type of flexibility and control has the
potential to make my life a lot easier!!!

For firewalls to be reliable, the rules need to be both predictable
and easily understandable.  Having used pcap for some time now, I
cannot say that the filter expressions are either, especially when
more than just basic in their complexity.

The original post's example:

  "pipe 10 tcp from or or not 21-25,1024-4095 \
            to any in recv ed0 or recv fxp1 or recv dc0 uid 35 or uid 50"

can be interpreted in many ways, depending on operator binding and
precedence.  I'd hate to be wrong....

I need to be able to *easily* look at a rule and understand what it
does, both when writing it, and when reading it later as output from
the loaded ruleset.

Constructs such as

  1000 skipto 1010 ip from ${safe_src} to ${safe_dst}
  1005 deny log ip from ${generally_unsafe_src} to ${generally_unsafe_dst}
  1010 (do something else here)

are, while inefficient, easy to read and to understand if the appropriate
behaviour applies.

I would like to suggest that the syntax and precedence rules for the
microcode be very clear and unambiguously documented.  Parenthesis or
some other construct should be allowed to ensure that the rules are
properly interpreted.  On output, I would suggest that a similar
construct clearly indicate the logic.

Yes, I'd help with the documentation and, as my skills permit, the output


P.S. Implementing 'ipfw pipe [n] zero' to zero the counters (and possibly
clean out the inactive flowsets ala expire_queues()) is on my list, though
I have a lot more code-comprehension to do.  Anyone else who wants to
provide suggestions or tackle it is more than welcome!


Jeffrey Marc Kletsky

Director Of Product Management
SpotLife Inc.
1950 Leslie St.
San Mateo, CA 94403

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