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Date:      Fri, 18 Jul 1997 23:02:40 +0200
From:      Philipp Reichmuth <>
Cc:        Gary Kline <>,, stable@FreeBSD.ORG, freebsd-questions@FreeBSD.ORG
Subject:   Re: mw fails even more...
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David Greenman wrote:
> >       Now I'm even more at a loss re my upgrade to a K5 or K6
> >       chip.   Perhaps someone on the Core team--like you, David--
> >       can give everybody advice on which CPU's do work flawlessly
> >       with BSD and which have known or suspected woes.

Does the problem ONLY arise with BSD?

> >       I'm not referring to occasional defective chips, but to
> >       bad logic design.

Problems from bad logic design usually arise at once. In this case,
however, the problem arose after a certain period of time (in which I
never made the world, BTW). This isn't usually due to a design flaw in
the chip itself.

> >       It may be simply a matter of this present rev of the K6 is
> >       defective and when AMD does their next, they'll fix this.

> >       Any thoughts, people??
> All I can say is that I have a chip here that is flakey that worked fine
> for the first 2 weeks or so. Others have reported identical experiance. 

Hm, with me it's _ONLY_ cc that fails (i usually have my machine running
round-the-clock or at least 18 hours a day. Once I tried a make world
after 24 hours of working fine, and after half an hour or so it went
"tilt". In fact, I never had trouble with ANYTHING but cc, and ONLY when
in a "make-world" environment, and the machine NEVER crashed or so
except for other hardware mischief that I'm doing.

> I contacted AMD and they are in extreme denial saying basically that it's my
> problem, there is no warranty, and there is nothing wrong with their chip.
> About the no warranty: they say that the warranty claim must be made to
> the supplier and not to them. All of the suppliers I know of are giving
> 30 days or less warranty (only 2 weeks in one case). So the bottom line is
> that I'm stuck with a $300 piece of ceramic.

Now THAT looks like a happy prospect...

>    I'm very disappointed in AMD. I, like many many other people, would have
> loved to see them take on Intel and provide a bit of competition in the
> marketplace. Unfortunately my experiance to date has been...disappointing.

I am still in doubt whether it is ONLY the K6 or whatever. Might be
useful if I posted my configuration again:

ASUS TX97 Mainboard (said to support the K6 up to 233 MHz). Thermals
can't really be a problem, because if the processor
overheats, the board goes into "slow" mode. It never did.

AMD K6-200; 64 megs of RAM (4x16 MB PS/2 FPM 60ns, board configured for
60 ns FPM DRRAMs - should be OK, especially since i had used the same 64
megs in an AMD 486 at 160 MHz with extremely -well- experimental timings
and they worked fine)

The other junk, like Adaptec 2940U and HD and CDROM and graphics card
(MGA Mystique) shouldn't really matter.


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