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Date:      Thu, 4 Jan 1996 16:32:18 -0500 (EST)
Subject:   pppd only works right the first time :-(
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Yet another PPP question -- 2.1-stable

I have a site that I'm trying to set up as a one line PPP server using
pppd. It answers the telephone correctly for shell use.

After a reboot, the first call is handled perfectly. It ifconfigs the
ppp0 interface, it adds the route, and then proxyarp's for the remote
machine. Cool Moe D.

When the second call comes in, pppd gets started up and complains with
"ioctl(SIOCAIFADDR): Address already exists". No route entry is added.
No proxy arp is done. Person on the other end can't see anywhere.

Local IP addr:
Remote addr:

Routing table after successful (first) conection:
Routing tables

Destination      Gateway            Flags     Refs     Use     Netif Expire
default     UGSc        0        0       ed0          UH          0        0       lo0
152.15           link#1             UC          0        0     0:0:c:17:3b:12     UHLW        0       27       ed0   1140      0:0:c0:fc:65:78    UHLW        1        3       ed0   1140      8:0:20:1a:b9:36    UHLW        7      323       ed0   1140      0:0:c0:fa:65:78    UHLW        3       60       lo0      8:0:69:9:2:e4      UHLW        0      208       ed0   1143      UH          0        0      ppp0    0:0:c0:fa:65:78    UHLS2       0        0       ed0   link#1             UHLW        1        0   link#1             UHLW        0        1 

ifconfig ppp0 read fine as well, although I don't have a copy of the output


lcp-echo-interval 160
lcp-echo-failure 20
mru 1006
mtu 1006

/etc/ppp/ip-up and ip-down only print something to the console. /etc/sysconfig
does not mention ppp0 in the list of interfaces to manipulate, as it seems
pppd correctly does the ifconfiging (the first time, anyway). Is there
some magic to be done perhaps in /etc/ppp/ip-down?

Anyone seen this behavior before? Workaround avail?

James Robinson

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