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Date:      Sat, 3 Nov 2012 01:36:31 -0700 (PDT)
From:      P S <>
To:        "" <>
Subject:   Re: poudriere amassing fetch errors
Message-ID:  <>

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This doesn't sound like a poudriere-specific issue. There may be a=0Agenera=
l fetching issue with, that I plan to investigate further.""=0A=
=0A=0A=A0=A0=A0 I believe you will find the problem is in the code related =
to 'make checksum'. I discovered a while back(at least a year ago) that 'ma=
ke checksum' will append the the full version of a file that was only parti=
ally downloaded instead of deleting it and starting from scratch. Which mea=
ns 'make checksum' will fail no matter what because the file increases by o=
ne partial/full filesize + previous file and then 'make checksum' fails and=
 pours-it-on(re-downloads) at each invocation. It's not the only issue with=
 'make checksum' but I can't remember the others at the moment. The manual =
fix is to go to the offending port directory and do a 'make distclean', the=
n a 'make fetch', and finally a 'make checksum'. An alternative is to delet=
e the offending distfile and do a 'make fetch ; make checksum' or just "mak=
e checksum"(not reliable) in the offending port directory.=0A=0A=A0=A0 For =
me 'games/el-data' always fails. The file makes it from a =
different site but the sound and music files never get fully downloaded(onl=
y port with an unstable link, sound and music files should be mirrored some=
where else). Of course it didn't stop them from showing 300MB sizes for 70M=
B files due to 'make checksum' failing and adding on. 'Biology/finchtv' als=
o never passes checksum as of last week. The distfile was over 100MB(normal=
ly 6MB) when I discovered the checksum problem. =0A=0A=A0=A0 In my experien=
ce, 'make fetch' doesn't always check filesize just that the file is there =
so mis-sized or re-rolled files often fell through without being re-downloa=
ded.=A0 'Make checksum' would catch the filesize errors but doesn't 'delete=
 and download' or append properly. I thought this was just my systems and c=
onnections but after seeing other people reporting similar effects I figure=
d I better say something of what I've observed. I also haven't checked rece=
ntly if the checksum problem still exists as I've just worked around the pr=
oblem. I sent a PR back then but I never saw it show up anywhere.=0A=0A=A0=
=A0 I have been downloading(using 'make fetch' and 'make checksum') all the=
 =0Adistfiles(minus restricted, unavailable ) for the entire ports system =
=0Awhenever I update ports. I have most of the distfiles going back at =0Al=
east 5 years now. Currently, the distfile area of any ports system release =
is about 80GB in size(not including restricted/licensed limited or unavaila=
ble files, a couple GB extra maybe). I won't register or "sign in" for file=
s so no restricted files(cad/systemc, biology/phred, biology/blast, java/jd=
k, etc) and very few manual retrievals(java/jre, astro/xephem). The distfil=
e area as of 1 january 2012 is about 300GB having been updated every few we=
eks to months over the previous five years(starting before the modular Xorg=
 release).=0A=0A=A0=A0 Ports-related: mail/cvsmail downloads the same-named=
 distfile as the mail/mailutils port but they come from different places, a=
re different sizes, and overwrite each other when downloaded(verified last =
week). PR sent.=0A
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From: "Thomas Mueller" <>
Subject: Re: yelp could not be built because of libxul dependency (10.0 vs. <2)
Cc: Ewald Jenisch <>
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from Ewald Jenisch <>:

> I'm trying to get my system up2date using portupgrade as usual.
> However during the upgrade process I ran into a problem during upgrade
> of yelp:

> ===>   yelp-2.30.2_4 depends on package: libxul<2 - not found
> ===>   Found libxul-10.0.10, but you need to upgrade to libxul<2.

> UPDATING has an entry for www/libxul of 20120910 that says

> "...If you want to stay with 1.9.2..."

> So in order to make yelp build again, does this mean I've got to
> de-install libxul-10.0.10 and install /usr/ports/www/libxul19 again?

> Thanks much in advance for your help,
> -ewald

I posted a message on this same issue with gnash and mentioned also yelp.

In the case of gnash, libxul19 is supposed to install a file
but libxul-10.0.9 doesn't.

Maybe the yelp port needed this file too?

Just a few fours ago, I ran "portsnap fetch update", and I noticed yelp was
updated to a new version.  I saw no mention of libxul or libxul19 in the
Makefile.  When I ran

make all-depends-list | more

there was nothing with "xul" anywhere.

Now if you update your ports tree, you will be able to build yelp?

I think this thread really should be in the freebsd-ports emailing list?


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