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Date:      Wed, 4 Sep 2013 11:47:33 -0700 (PDT)
From:      Matthew Jacob <>
To:        Mathieu Simon <>
Cc:        FreeBSD SCSI <>
Subject:   Re: Newer Qlogic FC card support?
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> 2013/9/4 Matthew Jacob <>
>> The 25XX cards are the latest supported. I have manuals for the newer
>> cards (that I can't release) but no hardware.
> Turning the question the other way round (and possibly asking stupid dumb
> question):
> If you had access to hardware (and time etc.) then it could be possible to
> see support for
> QLE26xx (16G FC HBA) or QLE83x (10G CNA)?

Part of me says "Sure! That'd be great!".

Part of me says I'm deathly tired of isp and Fibre Channel in general, and 
also of FreeBSD. The isp driver is long overdue for a rewrite to trim out 
cards that mostly are don't cares at this point. FreeBSD could use first 
class FC support as well.

The ideal situation, possibly, would be to get the vendor interested in 
actually supporting the h/w by having a real engineer be a committer (much 
like Jack Vogel is for Intel NICs). I doubt that will happen any time 

There's just a *bare* possibility that my current paying gig will have me 
work on QLogic CNA cards. That might get me an excuse to spend time on 
FreeBSD, but probably not with actual h/w (they have like *two* cards and 
it's a 2nd order project for them in support of their main h/w).

If anyone in reading range of this email gets all hot and excited about 
adding CNA support to isp, or do a newer driver, please speak up!

If nobody speaks up in the next couple of days, anyone who has h/w to loan 
please contact me off list. I don't have anything faster than a 4GiB 
switch, but I *do* have a couple of 16GiB Emulex cards so I could at least 
do point-to-point testing there.

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