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Date:      Tue, 21 Nov 2006 15:57:45 -0000
From:      "Graham Bentley" <>
To:        "Andrew Pantyukhin" <>
Subject:   Re: Slow Surfing all of Sudden !?
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On Tue, 21 Nov 2006 12:37:20 -0000, Andrew Pantyukhin  
<> wrote:

> On 11/21/06, Graham Bentley <> wrote:
>> How would I go about trying to figure out what
>> is causing this effect?
> Try adding more RAM? You can look at some basic
> memory stats with top(1)
> Also, try other browsers - firefox, linux-firefox,
> seamonkey, konqueror, ..., and, of course, lynx :-)
> Good luck!

I am tempted to say it isnt a hardware issue. That 'other'
OS is still fast as well as Zenwalk GNU/Linux - both as
snappy as FeeeBSD was initially.

I think Opera is actually faster than Firefox but I am sad
to say that it too exhibits this odd behaviour here...

type in web address
press enter
<insert delay several seconds>
now page comes flying in

Its that delay that I cant figure out, defo wasnt there
after the fresh install and I remember the same thing
happened on PCBSD which is why I wiped it for 6.2

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