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Date:      Mon, 17 Apr 95 14:22:13 MDT
From: (Terry Lambert)
To: (Plyaskin Sergey)
Subject:   Re: Netscape
Message-ID:  <>
In-Reply-To: <> from "Plyaskin Sergey" at Apr 17, 95 02:44:00 pm

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> 5. As root,
> cd /usr/local/netscape
> netscape &
> I've got    #netscape: Command not found.
> What's wrong? How to make it work. BTW, I also tried Beta2, and it also does 
> not work. Thanks.

Try ./netscape &

I'm betting that as root, '.' is not in your path, and you probably
haven't added /usr/local/netscape to your path in your startup files
(it's generally a bad thing to add to root's path anyway).

					Terry Lambert
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