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Date:      Tue, 26 Jul 2005 11:32:26 +0100
From:      Alex Zbyslaw <>
To:        Norbert Koch <>
Subject:   Re: Samba without Cups ?
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Norbert Koch wrote:

>>So for samba, you just need to make with WITHOUT_CUPS=1 and samba 3 with 
>>WITH_CUPS=0, either on the make line or through pkgtools.conf 
>I think that's not quite correct.
>For samba 3 you should just 'make'.
>WITH_CUPS=0 defines the symbol, and that's what
>is checked for in the Makefile, not the value.
You're quite right, WITH_CUPS=0 is wrong!  Shouldn't type in such a 
hurry :-)

In fact, WITHOUT_CUPS=1 should work for both samba and samba3.  
WITH_CUPS is just set based on WITHOUT_CUPS.


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