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Date:      Thu, 19 Jan 2012 11:15:08 +0100
From:      Eduardo Morras <>
Subject:   Re: FreeBSD 9
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At 10:05 19/01/2012, you wrote:
>Allan McKinnon <mckinnon <at>> writes:
> > ...
> > I really enjoyed the old installer because then I had complete 
> control over
> > how I tweaked my computer during and after the install.
>I agree.
>The new installer got rid of dependencies and is scriptable - very good !
>But the new installer looks primitive now.
>There were e.g. error messages that were incomprehensive, or did not 
>return user
>to the beginning of a particular step or allow to continue, instead just
>interrupted the installation - a sign of untested software.
>That's not good for "an introduction to OS" which every installer is 
>to a user.

I think that a full/complete update of the old installer to add it 
support GEOM, ZFS, scripting and more newer features will consume 
more manpower and resources than create a new one from scratch, where 
the devs aren't chained by old code, backwards compatibility, old 
restrictions and old point of views. This way, is easier correct 
bugs, new features, simplify the installation and even automate it to 
this new installer than try to add them to the old one.

As always, i suppose that any ideas and help are welcome.

>Perhaps the dev should take a look at PC-BSD installer for an inspiration.
>Please make changes soon, for 9.1 release if possible.

Or 8.3 ;)


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