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Date:      Fri, 8 Dec 1995 09:02:07 +0300
From: (Seppo Kallio)
To:        Steven Wallace <>
Subject:   WP60 for SCO in FreeBSD 2.1 - WP60 CDROM install problems
Message-ID:  <v0153051aacec9010ba3c@[]>

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I cannot install WP60. Where is the problem?

xterm works OK. But wp install "Can't open display". Can you tell what
options etc. I have to add to GENERIC kernel config? Do I need

        1) options "IBCS2"
        2) pseudo-device socksys

I added 1) and 2) and got a lot of errors in boot about some duplicates
(mods, errors did not go to messages)


I did mount CDROM from our Sun and:

itu# ./install.wp
     Using /tmp/WpTmP1
     Please Wait
Error: Can't open display:
     Unable to execute /tmp/WpTmP1/ifiles/cdinst.SCO_S
     Warning: Unable to execute the GUI installation.  Your
     DISPLAY environment variable may be wrong.
./install.wp: cannot create /tmp/WpTmP1/ifiles/platform.def: read-only file syst
cat: /tmp/WpTmP1/ifiles/platform.def: No such file or directory
     Starting the character-based CD installation.
cd: can't cd to /tmp/WpTmP1/Wp60//install
/tmp/WpTmP1/ifiles/cdinst.chr: ./install.wp: not found
itu# modstat
Type     Id Off Loadaddr Size Info     Rev Module Name
MISC      0   0 f1397000 0020 f139e000   1 ibcs2_mod
EXEC      1   3 f13a4000 0008 f13a5000   1 ibcs2_coff_mod
DEV       2  33 f13ae000 0010 f13b102c   1 socksys_mod
MISC      3   0 f13b4000 0008 f13b5000   1 star_saver
itu# uname -v
FreeBSD 2.1.0-RELEASE #0: Tue Dec  5 13:21:54 EET 1995

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