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Date:      Fri, 06 Jun 1997 02:02:26 -0600
From:      Joshua Fielden <>
Subject:   PPP problems.
Message-ID:  <>

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Well, I almost got my PPP to work... :-/ I can get -auto to work fine,
dial, and even connect.... but then nothing happens. My ppp.log shows
the last two line of any connection as 

LCP: state change Initial --> closed
LCP: state change Closed --> stopped

	If I set openmode active, I get a chunk of what boils down to requests
being sent from my machine, then it finally gives up. I have searched
the archives for this problem, and see it has shown up before, but there
never seems to be a resolution to any of the threads in the archives.
They all seem to end up saying "talk to your ISP" but my ISP will not
deal with anyone running any sort of U*ix system. Anyone got any ideas?
I can use PPP fine in 95/NT/Dos, BTW, and under BSD, I can cu to my
shell and telnet/PPP from there, so the hardware is fine and works. BTW,
I am running 2.1.5-Release.
SCSI is *not* magic.  There are many technical
reasons why it is occasionally nessicary to 
sacrifice a small goat to your SCSI chain.
 --Joshua Fielden

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