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Date:      Tue, 30 Jan 2007 11:13:45 -0800
From:      "Charlie McElfresh" <>
Subject:   cron problem
Message-ID:  <>

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I wrote a perl script to get a news show I like.  When I run it, it deletes
yesterday's copy of the show, and downloads the new copy.  The script works
fine.  I run the script as myself (charlie), charlie owns it, and it's
chmod'd 0755.  Works fine.

I can't get cron to run it, though.  Here's the cron process running on my

charlie@dash$ ps auxwww | grep cron
root      413  0.0  0.1  1364   892  ??  Ss    5Jan07   0:06.57/usr/sbin/cron -s

And here's charlie's crontab, to run at 7:17 mon - fri

17 7 * * 1-5 /media/democracy_now/



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