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Date:      Fri, 04 Oct 1996 09:01:19 -0600
From:      Sean Kelly <>
To:        D B Dews <>
Subject:   Re: new and dumb 2
Message-ID:  <>
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D B Dews wrote:

> Thanks to all for your help with previous question. I found
> /etc/sysconfig, and learned vi sufficiently to edit it a bit,

You may find that "ee" is about twenty times easier to use than "vi". 
Try it.

> but where
> in this file do I place the DNS  (as called in DOS/NT land, don't know
> what you call it.) The domain name server  IP address?

We call it DNS too.  And sometimes BIND.  And sometimes named.  And
sometimes "the resolver."  And sometimes a real pain in the .... :-) 
But anyway, you set up DNS in the file /etc/resolv.conf.  Your file
should contain your DNS domain name after the "domain" keyword, and the
IP addresses of one or more name servers after each "nameserver"
keyword.  For example:


> [my domain name]

This is actually the NIS domain name, not the DNS domain name.  You can
set it back to NO.

Sean Kelly                          
NOAA Forecast Systems Laboratory
Boulder Colorado USA      

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